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“ When you conserve water, you conserve life!”
  • Water Treatment Plants (WTP) including RO Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) including Ultra filtration
  • Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) including Ultra filtration
  • Testing Facility – for Water, Effluents, Chemcials
  • Chemicals required for process units including Descaling, Biocide, PH correction, Hardness removal, De-odorisation, Disinfection, Precipitation of impurities, Stain removal, coagulants ,flocculants etc
  • Anti clogging Agent for Blocked Drains including bathrooms and Sinks

IESS has notable and demonstrated capability to develop cost effective substitutes.

Green Products : Need of the Day:

“ Get into the Green Scene “
  • Solid waste utilization by using industrial wastes and sludges thereby eliminating the problem of sludges and industrial waste and creating value added products out of it.
  • Bio-Remidiation: Capable of developing bacteria and bacterial Products for effluent and sewage treatment plants and also for converting butchery, Poultry, agricultural and food wastes into useful products.
  • Our Products include

  • Biobact: For replenishing bacteria in aerobic reaction tanks in ETP, STP etc
  • EML : Bactria concentrate for deodourization and Biomass Digestion
  • Bio Digester: Unique chemical to digest biomass including chicken waste
  • Scavanger: Bioclean bacteria eat Septic mass slowly and clean the tank
  • Methogen: Boosts Biomass Digestion and enhances methane gas Production
  • Operation, revamping of Sick Units and Maintenance Contracts of ETP and STP

We look at the prospective business segments like Hotels, Hospitals, Dairies and Farm units, Residential complexes, Commercial complexes, Vehicle service stations, Biogas generation units etc, to provide our above mentioned services

Recycling Technologies :

“ reduce, reuse, recycle”

IESS is committed and capable to demonstrate our expertise to develop a recycling program that can reduce waste disposal, improve operations, meet regulatory requirements, increase diversion rates and enhance sustainability mission of the Clients. Wastes like Drilling muds, Quarry waste, Municipal sludges , Industrial waste, oil wastes etc can be recycled using IESS Technologies.